About Classy

Classy learns how to classify your documents for you.

Teach me what you know!

What is it?

Classy is an artificial intelligence that brings the best of machine learning to everyone. Classy uses an optimized linear support vector machine algorithm to separate your data into categories. Show Classy some examples of categorized data, and he'll do the rest for you.

What can it do?

Classy was built for a customer who needed receipts classified for tax purposes. After sorting thousands of receipts by hand, we gave Classy our categorized receipts, and from then on, Classy was able to categorize every receipt we gave it. We never had to look at another receipt again.

How do I use it?

Using a zip program such as 7-Zip, create a zip containing folders of text data, where each folder is a category; or try this example data. Drag and drop the zip file into the box above, and Classy will redirect you to a new url with your own personal classifier. Drag and drop text files into the box on that page, and Classy will categorize it for you.